Jayden, March Break 2012


By Jayden Graves


Heart and Wood

As one word it means the best

The best teens can get

But separate it has more meanings

Heart, love, caring, peace, and respect

Wood like the tree it comes from

It represents strength, unity, and life

You always see a forest of trees because trees

Know that many is strong

But few can be stronger

The power of few can be

As strong as the many

Heart and wood the love, caring peace, and respect

The strength, unity, the mighty, and life

Heartwood represents all of these

But is unique to its core

It is the one place we teens can learn

That a community is stronger together

Than it is apart

It teaches value, dignity, and self-respect

It builds communities, friendships, and connections

Connections to the best people around

They believe in teens

Show us the path, not push us

They let us be us

Be who we want to be

Not what others want

They teach the values we need

The values that will help us

They understand youth

It shows teens that adults

Much to our dismay and disbelief

That they were once teens

It shows the importance

Of symbols like Bryans beard,

Ryan’s hats, Misty’s food

The camps

The experience

The friends

The commitment

They understand individuals

They understand the most complex

Creatures on earth, teens

To be a part of heartwood is

To be a part of a community

To have a sense of belonging

To be yourself

To not need to pretend

They don’t care about your background

Your social status

They care about you

Not your history, troubles, school

Only you

Which is why they can

Know us

Know us as teens

Know us as individuals

Know us as us

They know how to see us

This is what makes them so


What makes them so

Great, amazing, and awesome

This is the Heartwood I know

This is the Heartwood you know

This is what everyone knows

This is Heartwood

Heart and Wood

Heart, Wood

Heartwood the one, the only, the best

March Break 2012