We believe that our communities are at their best when young people are making meaningful contributions and have the freedom and dignity to live their authentic truths.

We believe that supporting inherent Mi’kmaq harvesting rights, as outlined in The Peace and Friendship Treaties and in the Marshall Decision, is critical to ensuring the Mi’kmaw youth are able to make meaningful contributions to their communities [1].

We believe that protecting harvesting rights is essential to building healthy respectful communities; it is about more than protecting the act of gathering food, it is about investing in a critical method of sharing knowledge about land, culture, governance, and language [2].

We believe that Indigenous nations are sovereign, holding inherent rights to lands, governance, and natural resources that pre-date European colonization, and that Canada must govern itself without imposing its will on Mi’kmaw nations [3].

We believe that each Mi’kmaw life is important and that Mi’kmaw people have the right to safety, dignity, and pride in Mi’kma’ki and Nova Scotia.

We invite other organizations, Executive Directors, Board Chairs, CEOs, business owners, and titled leaders to share a statement on or before October 1st, Treaty Day, that shows all of us across unceded Mi’kma’ki and Nova Scotia your support for Mi’kmaq sovereignty and Mi’kmaq rights in this region. We are all Treaty People.


[1] https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/the-facts-behind-mikmaw-fishing-rights/



Ways to Support Mi’kmaq in Digby (credit to Charlotte Connolly): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u_LF_bCFBbSijzqJgHNh4-MfpYz0hfdv/view

Peace and Friendship Treaties: https://mikmaqrights.com/negotiations/treaties/

Treaty Day: https://www.unsm.org/treaty-day

Mi’kmaw Resource Guide: https://www.mikmaweydebert.ca/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Pg_94_DOC_MikmawResourceGuide.pdf