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HeART is a mental wellness art program for youth by youth which was founded in January 2019. In the program, youth express themselves through a variety of creative forms, while learning and practicing mindfulness, in a supportive peer setting.

HeART is a youth-led program which means our youth participants help shape the program, and no two sessions will ever be the same. Through this process youth gain leadership and self-determination skills.

In HeART we take a leisure education and a creative expression approach to our programming. We focus on youth developing skills to express themselves creatively through art, instead of a skill-based art program. Allowing all youth to join and participate in the program no matter their skill level or past art experiences. We believe that all art is good art.
We support youth to take the lead in their leisure activities and choices, supporting a purposeful leisure lifestyle from a young age.

Our programs are designed with smaller participant caps, which allows for more purposeful and supportive peer engagement.

HeART is an ever-changing program that changes and adapts to the needs of children and youth in the community. This looks like but is not limited to:

In-person programming,

Youth gather weekly in our program space in Halifax to create art and practice mindfulness, while learning how to be a supportive peer.

Sessions are two hours in length and run from October to April during the school year, and from June to August in the summer.

Each session follows a similar format of check-in, community standards, mindfulness, art creating, games, and check out.

School-based programming,

Brings our program to the classroom. Youth create art together while being introduced to mindfulness and recreation therapy. Sessions are typically sixty minutes in length but can be custom designed to meet various age groups and curriculum outcomes.

Day camp-style programming,
Allows youth to take the lead and design their own art-based
day camp. Our camps allow youth to develop leadership skills, express themselves creatively while being introduced to mindfulness.

Virtual programming
It looks a lot like our in-person programming but from the comfort of participants’ own homes over a ninety-minute video call.

HeART in a box.

HeART in a box program packs up art supplies and our youth tested mindfulness practices. Allowing them to be shipped directly to the door of children and youth in Nova Scotia. Each kit contains supplies to explore an art medium and mindfulness resources to try at home. The art mediums we have chosen are ones loved by our HeART youth.

To find out more about our programming please reach out to our HeART coordinator kayla@heartwood.ns.ca

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