Rena is an activist & facilitator bent on building inclusive communities that celebrate diversity, and can be described as inclusive, eloquent, genuine, insightful, purposeful and engaging.  They believe that the most transformational experiences we can have are those shared in an environment of mutual support and respect, where our limits can be challenged and our ideas collaboratively cultivated. To that end, Rena applies wit and skill to foster spaces where people feel safer being authentic and vulnerable as we strive toward stronger and more honest communities of trust and support.

Rena has a diverse history of experience from studying Sociology and International Development, to training in conflict resolution and facilitation; working in the restaurant industry to hosting youth camps and conferences on social justice and global issues; living in rural and urban places across Canada, and coming from a family of immigrants from both Poland and Korea. With a long-standing commitment to social justice, particularly around gender, race and class,  Rena unites their diversity of experiences and passion for positive collaborative change in working to heal and mobilize communities.

Outside of work, Rena enjoys sharing in the making and eating of good food, reading silly and critical blogs, swimming in lakes and camping as much as possible, and performing in drag. Laughter and love are high priorities.

“Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other” – Euripedes

pronouns: they/them/their