Since 2004, HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development has established itself as a leader in youth engagement to support and enhance the systems that impact youth.

With over two decades of expertise and research in youth development and community engagement, HeartWood consults and provides training and coaching support for organizations looking to revitalize their youth program work and their organizational effectiveness.

HeartWood has worked with urban and rural municipalities, recreation departments, youth-serving organizations, health-related agencies, provincial government departments and educational institutions. Some of our major clients include:

  • Leaders of Today, Provincial Youth Network, 2010-present
  • Lunenburg District Office of Community Services, 2008-present
  • YouthScape HRM, 2006-09
  • HRM Public Libraries, 2005
  • HRM Recreation, Youth Engagement Strategy and Tool Kit, 2004-06
  • Department of Community Services, Youth Development Initiative, 2004

HeartWood’s systems change work is based on our provincially and nationally researched approach and framework. We customize our offerings to best suit the goals, assets and resources of a particular agency or organization. Our services include a combination of the following:

  • An appreciative assessment process that reviews the current and desired levels of youth engagement practices
  • Training for volunteers and staff in youth engagement practices and approaches,
  • Direct youth leadership training to build the skills and abilities of young people to contribute to the organization
  • Action projects that include both youth and adults and demonstrate tangible and positive youth action, and
  • Creation of practitioner and youth friendly documents, tools and DVD’s that both capture the story of change and provide insight and guidance