Our Professional Development and Capacity Building Programs supports people who want to meaningfully engage youth. Visit Upcoming Workshops to see what we are currently offering.

HeartWood also offers customized training and support to adults, organizations, government agencies, and other groups and systems who are interested in community youth development. Together we are able to identify meaningful ways to engage youth at any level with conceptual tools, practice, research, and capacity building.

Here is a sample of programs and workshops we offer:

  • Introduction to Community Youth Development
  • Community Youth Development- Level 2
  • Youth Inclusion
  • Games Workshop
  • Asset Mapping
  • Facilitating Youth Groups
  • Team Building
  • Building A Youth Group
  • Youth-Adult Partnerships
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Youth-Led Granting
  • Youth Action Teams

The following are descriptions of workshops and training we offer yearly:

Leading Innovative and Engaging Youth Programs

Leading Innovative and Engaging Youth Programs

This four-day training is for people who are interested in learning facilitation and group dynamic processes to enhance their abilities to meaningfully engage youth. Participants share best practices, techniques, fun games and activities that engage youth, deepen their experiences, and enhance and build on their strengths and gifts. The concept of leadership, using an appreciative approach and service learning, is explored as ways to engage youth.

All In: Effective Tools for Positive Youth Group Development

All In: Effective Tools for Positive Youth Group Development

Games, initiatives, and activities are excellent ways to actively engage youth in positive group experiences. This two-day workshop will build a deeper understanding of effectively moving groups through the stages of group development by facilitating fun, active and appropriate games and initiatives. This workshop will explore group development theory and provide concrete activities that are exciting, active and challenging for young people.

Mentoring In the Outdoors - NSOLD Program (PAST PROGRAM)

Mentoring In The Outdoors – NSOLD Program

Mentoring in the Outdoors provides support to adults and older youth interested in building their skills and experience for working with young people in the outdoors. The approach of outdoor facilitation that is used in Mentoring in the Outdoors recognizes nature as a powerful teacher and focuses on helping youth learn from, and engage in, their experiences and the experiences that nature provides. Various aspects that are explored include leadership, youth development, safety, mentoring and youth-adult partnerships in order to create and facilitate positive outdoor experiences which empower and encourage participant learning. This module is tailored to participants’ needs and can be one-day or longer.